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We pride our
 self's in putting a lot of time and effort in to planning your cctv system, all of our systems are tailor made to suit your unique location. Installing the most 
appropriate camera lens is essential for a successful installation as technology has advanced so have Lothian cctv. All our work is completed to the ico guidelines .

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Day & night vision cameras are now becoming more popular however its still vital to select the most suited  camera lens for your site taking into account your budget . Most cameras don't see car registration numbers at night,we use dedicated number plate recognition cameras.

We pride our self's in offering  you a  free after care service  helping you anytime we are required for example we will assist in helping recover recorded data if required.

Your new CCTV system like anything new will take time to learn so we offer a free step by step training .

Leaving a site clean and tidy and respecting your property is just to say the least, businesses can't close down for installation so we always offer a discrete installation to allow the least disruption  to your business or home.

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If you simply fancy a chat or would like some help or ideas drop us a call, will be glad to help.

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