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Tailor made commercial cctv systems  
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 Lothian cctv have designed and installed the very latest auto tracking cameras for a new business park 2018
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Self surveillance is now the best way to look after your own site office or business park.
we will give a  key member of staff full access to the remote viewing of the Cctv system. Commercial cctv installers are hard to find we look no further from business parks to factory's. You have come to the right people. Our engineers understand commercial cctv laws and are happy to advice you along the way. Commercial cctv security systems are becoming more complicated by the minute so getting the right advice is paramount. Commercial cctv systems in the uk all avalible for demo try before you buy. By following the commercial cctv regulations you will get peice of mind along with a more user friendly cctv system. Most commercial camera systems are complicated and hard for the end user to work and find play backs recordings. We are all about building systems that are end user friendly we understand that at the end of the day it just normal everyday people that become end users. I normally say if my mum can work our systems anyone can. Commercial cctv dvr systems are a bit old hat now,we try and install ip nvr systems as a standard now. Commercial nvr cctv systems are only expensive due to the cost of the hard drives. Some customers want to record for 5 or 6 weeks so they require around 15tb hard drives. Normally we can optimize the camera system to run on motion detect or reduced resolution however without compromising on quality.

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 Staff safety is paramount insurance company's now want you to have a good cctv system 

The best commercial cctv systems are nvr ip systems. These systems are the future of cctv . Your cameras have much more features and the in line power system makes them more reliable hence all our cameras have a minimum of 3 years warrantie. Commercial wireless cctv systems are now available from Lothian cctv . We have the best commercial wireless camera system on the market. Qr view cameras can work over 500 meters and have built in wifi.

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Business cctv cameras and business security cameras are just the exact same. Our cctv systems are currently operating 24hrs aday in commercial applications we are happy to offer you a free demo and your welcome to come to any one of our commercial customers to have a better onsite look.

Our cctv systems are very user friendly, Lothian cctv have helped the police on many occasion recovering data from old and used cctv systems.

 We understand at first hand how the police and business owners want there camera footage delivered. We have a system that has been used by the police on many occasion and they are very impressed. Your business can use our camera system as a great tool,looking after staff welfare and just keeping an eye on production. At the same time knowing your recording 24hrs a day.

 Our new cameras are either wireless or run on the existing network of your building so hence we know how to keep the cost down. This way you can invest in the right equipment and get a really impressive result. call 0131 660 9422 or email . We travel all over the country helping people be safe and offering support to all our customers.

All our commercial cctv systems are insurance compliant.

We will help you choose the right cameras for your business.