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ip security camera

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Looking for a reliable, professional and experienced Public House CCTV installer.

We are locally recognized as the CCTV installer of choice for public houses in Lothian & Borders.

ip security camera

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Our thorough understanding and experience in installing CCTV systems for the hospitality industry will give you, the proprietor a secure CCTV system tailored to your specification.

One of the biggest problems we see is police go to pubs after a fight or at worst a break in and what do they see virtually nothing but a blurry photo of the incident via your cctv system why? because pub owners always choose the lowest budget cctv system they can find. We and the police would rather you spend a bit more money and install a higher quality camera system. I f we were to show you a live feed from one of our pubs camera systems. you would think you were watching sky hd. Please save for a few more weeks and install something profesional rather than doing what most do install cheap rubbish. You can even go to your local eletrical store now or your local handy mans to buy a cctv system but these are domestic systems for low quaulity home use

Our CCTV systems for pubs are designed to an industry standard, meaning you can get facial recognition specification CCTV monitoring entrances and captured images and video recordings are up to local authority standard, should the footage ever need to be submitted as evidence.

ip security camera

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