Alzheimer's cameras

Alzheimer's and dementia patients require a lot of help from family members,due to the massive expense of care homes more and more family's are tending to keep there parents or grand parents at there own homes and just pop in and visit as often as possible. We know at Lothian cctv how much of a challenge your having trying to work and look after your parents or other family member. We setup a camera for one of the local councils to keep an eye on an old lady with dementia, this was so the nurse could monitor the hole situation from here office. The camera we setup was wireless and could move via your finger on your smart phone. The Lothian cctv camera could also listen and offer direct communication from the nurse direct to the house using the camera to fully communicate . The camera requires an sd card to record however we were not interested in recording only live views. Our cameras been named the dementia camera as more and more people are wanting them setup to look after there family members. no more worrying just log into the camera from your ipad smart phone or pc and check your Alzheimer's dementia patient is ok.

Alzheimer's and dementia CAMERAS

Keep a live eye on your Alzheimer's dementia patient from there home direct to your home.

Install one camera or more you decide.

Because this camera is being used as a monitor for you checking your mum or dad or other then you don't really need to record. The system is really designed for you to keep a check on your parent who's got Alzheimer's .