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We have been privileged to have worked with Scotland's most historic property's

Lothian CCTV have work with some of the country's leading property's

Conservation Compliant Installation's

We use cables & technology that blend into the fabric of Scotland's oldest buildings installing eco green cameras colour coded cable & cameras to suit the buildings.

Seaton Castle

historic scotlan cctv
wireless camera system
we fit wireless cctv in midlothian
Scottstone House near Peebles
White Hill House
we fit camera systems in scotland
CCTV installers who care

Sir Walter Scotts Edinburgh House

conservation systems edinburgh

Sir Walter Scotts Lasswade Mansion

 conservation area cctv edinburgh

Hartree House

cctv system bu lothian cctv


conservation cctv system
camera system edinburgh

All the property's above are using modern day technology just like a typical 2016 business, microfiber cables cat 6 cat 5 wireless , app routers uhf signals free-to-air digital satellite,Cisco networks just about every gadget requires some sort of intricate wiring. Lothian cctv have installed and maintained the above client's since 2000.

One of our main strengths is working on old buildings and understanding the fabric of the building's. Operating in Scotland since 2000 we have worked on some amazing projects from Hollyrood palace Borthwick castle 500 year old barn conversion's to the likes of the Braid hills grand hotel in Edinburgh. Lothian cctv has extensive experience in the wiring of these old classic property's.

Every day challenges such as meter thick walls and long cable runs these projects really need an expert to advise and install. Normal everyday system's will not work and do not work on these building all of our sites are tailor made to suit each building's unique design & feature's.

Most often we find other company's installing out the box systems of the internet to save money, yes its good to save money however in the long term Lothian cctv see this as a false economy.

Camera systems that are domestic and normally budget have molded plugs and very short cables. We have seen a large number of company's cutting the wires and trying to re-tape them back together just to extend the wires.

Lothian cctv pride them self's in doing the job properly & professionally giving the client a longer lasting and far superior camera installation.

All our plugs connection's and cabling fall into the ip rated band and give the end customer the best job possible with exact fit cables all ip rated.

Cable management is so important and must be taken seriously ask your engineer as many questions as you can regarding the wiring he's going to install.

Today most systems run via cat 6 and software we are happy to see this move. Lothian cctv have been trying to educate other engineers in to this way of thinking as jobs last longer customer faults are very easy to find even 2-3 year down the line, the over all benefits for installing cat 6 is massive.

Please dont let your cctv engineer install anything less than cat 5. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding what camera system you might require for your listed building.

Due to a lack of training or experience most other company's still seem to be installing the old camera technology they are also charging the same price as the new tech please double check via google or via a company like Lothian cctv before you give the go ahead on a big job.

We have seen new systems being de-installed due to people and engineers buying there customers the wrong cctv system.

We recommend Buzz Engineers if we are to busy