Networking Edinburgh

We Install Cisco networks to run our cctv systems ideal for small to medium businesses. Ideal for large house holds to expand the reach of broadband signals to each room tv or network device.

The small to medium business networking can also be used for ip telephones high speed in house internet or wifi and not to mention a very safe locked down network. Working with cat6 allows us to install multi points to any building.

Cisco is a tryed and tested business we trust the past performance. The main benefits from installing an ip cctv system is using your existing network,most business now have virtual computers running on a server, we install our cctv system on the internal server and this automatically runs to every computer in the building with now extra wiring required.Most business have a cat5 network installed already. We can install a new ip camera system directly on to your existing computer network. Also we can add users so only key people can control the system. The best way to answer all your questions and show you a real life system is to book a free demo. call 0131 660 9422.

Small to medium size business solutions