Recovering Cctv footage

Lothian cctv understand your cctv problems and one of them is the police knocking on your door asking for footage. This is completely normal and a legal requirement. We have helped the police recover cctv footage on many an occasion an understand there procedures and requirements for cctv evidence to be produced in a court of law.

Our new software will allow you to recover footage for either the police or for your use. 99% off cctv systems available in today's currant market have one main problem ( recovering cctv footage is a nightmare ). Lothian cctv have a new 2017 software based system that allows cctv footage to be stored easy and to recover incidents.

We offer free training on all of our new systems and will be glad to show you a free demo. If you already have a cctv system in place this means you cam upgrade to our new software based system very easy.

Cctv systems from the past were really hard to operate and not really user friendly, upgrading to a new system is really pain free and cost effective. We will do a free site survey offering you the most cost effective solution to upgrading your system. In most cases we advise to change a few cameras so you can see first hand the quality of the new digital cameras also we advise to upgrade your old cameras as they go faulty. The new software is compatible with 95% of old cameras. Unless your existing cameras are from the 1970 then we would advice upgrading asap. Old cctv cameras run away with really silly power consumption figures most people would be shocked if they new there old cameras were costing a fortune to run. Our new cameras use less than an energy saving light bulb.