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cctv installer in Edinburgh

Our team of CCTV installers work around the Edinburgh area on a daily basis.

We can help you protect your home or business by installing a state of the art CCTV System.

Proffecional cctv installation edinburgh

If you buy your own cctv system we will help you install, however this is not recommended as so many people end up returning there new systems due to the fact they are domestic and don't last.We have found swan cameras to be the worst for people returning due to not being able to connect to there phone and installation is a nightmare.This is due to cables being to long hence leaving a very messy job. Also the cameras are shown to you in a shop with great picture as you are 1 ft away from the camera in a real life situation the camera would be up near your gutters or high level to gain the best view, in this case we find the cameras are not clear at night and cant read a car reg. Just beware of all these issues when buying domestic cameras. The price between the professional camera and an over priced domestic camera can be as less as 50 pounds . We agree you should install once and do the job properly. We offer a five year plan where you can be sure to have piece of mind.