Neighbour hood watch cctv software. Our cctv software has been adapted to suit our new neighbour hood watch scheme. So many people suffer from crime and so many people live in feer of crime. The new cctv software can truly help. How our system works, below you can see 4 houses in this example however the system has scaled up to 44 houses in the past. Each house has one of our small hidden cctv cameras each small camera is connected to your home broadband connection via wifi or plugged in direct. There is no recording equipment installed in anybodys home all thats installed is small night vision cameras.

Our software will allow you to log in via our new software via your ipad iphone normal mobile phone and pc or mac. You can view each others cameras access recordings and truly watch out for each other. Due to the built in motion detect on our cameras you can look back only motion.

so to recap on our neighbour hood watch cctv system .

  • You do require a broadband connection.
  • you also require a small installation of one single camera.
  • Our software is free to use and comes with free instructions and help.
  • We host the recording equipment so you can access anytime 24 hours a day .