yacht camera system

Yacht camera systems are a must have reduced to run on a low voltage and also with full remote support, camera systems for marine use need to be ip rated to pass the test.The new systems we have installed fit we on small to medium sized boats. When your sleeping on your boat you might want to look outside on deck now you just look at your phone ipad or on board device.

we create a small wireless network on your boat this lets you login to the camera system as long as you are on the boat.this runs with very little power and can also run off battery and solar power.

Lothian cctv design and install your system, even if you don't buy the cctv camera kit from Lothian cctv we will still be glad to help you install. Our systems for the marine industries are all tailor made ti suit each boat.

Servicing the RLNI for the last few years and working with the new light house operations our solutions have been tried and tested in the harshest of conditions.

Keeping you safe on your boat with a modern camera system. Please feel free to contact Lothian cctv on 0161 660 9422