Remote Access CCTV

Our cctv camera systems can be viewed and recorded off site. View your entire business on either a video wall or a 50" lcd screen in your head office. Remote access cameras really make business sense, you can be in control of your cctv system not your staff. This system works via central software very similar to a cloud based system. Please feel free to call us so we can give you a free demo of this new system.

remote view cameras edinburgh installer

View your entire business on one screen or tailor made video wall. Also in the past sending footage to a court or the police would involve lots of time trying to burn to disk or use usb sticks most cases these get damages or lost and this take a lot of training to do this properly .

However now this task is easy thanks to our new system.

camera installer in edinburgh

We understand your business let us show you how this very impressive system can be tailor built to suit your ideal budget and business model.

Lothian cctv have developed an easy way to down load footage from any one of your sites. Normally we would be burning disks and looking for usb sticks however thanks to Lothian cctv we have made life easy for you and your staff to do this regular task.

Simply download our dedicated software from any pc anywhere in the world and choose the time and date you want to save. This can be saved locally on the computer you are using off site so maybe head office, save a a short video clip or j-peg image. You can easily send via email to other departments or save to the cloud for later viewing. You can save staff video clips showing on going rule breaking or at worst theft.